January 14, 2019

Get ready for some Baseball, Ranger Youth Baseball is ready to go here in Texas in 2019!!

14 U Division-1

14 U Division-2

13 U

I will be the Chairman for the Ranger Youth Baseball program.  It will provide any Texas League the option to play in the program.  It will also:

  • Provide personal attention to your league,
  • Provide baseball and tournament calendars set in advance,
  • Provide more recognition for the kids,
  • “Texas Series” State Tournament modeled after the World Series,
  • Provide Jr. Division Tournament Play,
  • Batters’ face guards will not be required,
  • 12 Year Olds will be allowed to play up,
  • Local League Options.

The plans for the Ranger Youth Baseball program are alive and well.  If you have any questions, call me at 903-812-7823 or call your district director.  Also, I would like to reminded you to mail in your franchise form (that was recently mailed to you) ASAP.  This will allow us to better serve your league with a quality program.  Insurance for Ranger Youth Baseball is available through K @ K on website.  We are looking forward to serving you and providing a fun season for your league.

Bruce Selph

State Chairman, Ranger Youth Baseball




April 1 – Franchise fees must be sent in to above address.

May 1 – Team rosters